Events ~ Old Santa Rosa Chapel ~  Cambria, California

The Santa Rosa Chapel is an excellent venue for Music Concerts, a comforting setting for Funerals & Memorial Services, and a gather place for Christenings and other Special Occasions. Each Christmas season a traditional Christmas program is held in early December. The evening includes holiday music, poetry and stories, all taking place among hundreds of glimmering candles and scents of pine and sea.

cambria santa rosa chapel concert
cambria santa rosa chapel concert
cambria santa rosa chapel concert


We are a small town 85 seat Acoustic music series that serves up big eclectic entrees
of performers from all over.
The Old Fashioned way,
From solo acts to quintets.
Experience the magical sounds and warmth of music in this Historic Little Chapel.

brynn albanese
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cambria concerts unplugged

“We attended nearly all of the Cambria Concerts Unplugged this last year. They are magical! Great music in a light-filled chapel. Can be described as a spiritual experience of sorts!!”

– Nelson & Maureen Hubbel